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IssueTechnical education

To close the gap between industry and education by providing support for technical education and to improve the image of skilled technical professions through direct and indirect communication.


23 countries (as of 2009); 224 T-TEP institutions


Started in 1990 and is ongoing


Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Toyota Motor Europe (TME), National Marketing and Sales Centres (NMSCs)


Joint investment by TMC, NMSC’s and TME of approximately €4 million for the financial year 2007


High-quality technical education in Europe is not only a priority for Toyota but also for Europe as a whole. Skilled technical education is essential for our future sustainable and economical development. The European Commission recognised this need in its 2005 Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs.

The problem faced by technical education institutions is a difficult one. On one hand, potential young trainees are not attracted into technical jobs because of the sector’s historically poor image. At the same time, Europe increasingly needs skilled people so its economy can remain competitive in harsh world markets. Added to this is the necessity to create new sustainable technologies.

Reacting to this issue, Toyota has established the Toyota Technical Education Program (T-TEP). T-TEP enables Toyota to promote and support technical education by establishing partnerships with a variety of technical education institutions throughout Europe. Toyota aims to help bridge the gap between industry and education by providing support in the form of simulators, cutaway components, technical documentation, vehicles and teacher training in the latest automotive technology.

The partnerships are initiated and organised at a local level by Toyota’s national distributors (NMSCs) in collaboration with local Authorised Repairers (ARs). Students at T-TEP institutes can also receive on-the-job training at local ARs. At the same time the NMSCs concentrate on the communications aspect by promoting vocational education and training at career fairs or via promotional campaigns and skill contests.


  • NMSCs and local dealers from 23 countries offer continued support to over 220 schools, involving more than 35,427 students.
  • Seven additional schools joined the network in 2007.
  • Six more schools are expected to join in 2008.

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Toyota Europe T-TEP website:


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